Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Language of Flowers

 We had a wonderful garden club program this morning that two of our members presented on the language of flowers. It is fascinating to think about flowers having sentiment and how messages used to be conveyed by them. During the Victorian Era they had a silent meaning they conveyed that was not dared to be spoken. We all know red roses speak of love, but orange ones say fascination, while coral can speak of desire. Sage shows respect, while phlox says our souls are united.
Tussie Mussies (hand held bouquets) were often given along with a note explaining the sentiment. I still love that concept. If you a gardener, it is usually easy to browse your gardens for snippets of foliage and flowers to make small bouquets. Scented geranium foliage is perfect to use along with ferns. There are plenty of books written about the language of flowers to use for guidence. Wouldn't it be lovely if we did more of this?

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