Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rain is Uplifting

What a wonderful day yesterday was. Dressed in shorts my knees were cool. A very odd thing for those of us in Texas this year. We got a lovely rain for hours that soaked in nicely and I commented that the trees were smiling. I was smiling. It prompted me to purchase some ornamental grass, trailing rosemary and a garden mum to put in pots. It's the first interest I have shown since the end of May in planting. This afternoon it was still quite pleasant and I gardened awhile. There is still damage appearing from the summer, so trimming the brown off the shrubs and trees made things look nicer. I love to garden, but for  awhile it looked like my enthusiasm would never return after the hideous summer. I know the drought is still on, so caution is still key, but it's time for some fun.

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