Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Garden Tour and Lunch

A few Saturday's ago we had a lovely day of touring gardens with the Blue Moon Garden club. The last stop was at my house where we enjoyed a nice lunch together in my studio. It is lovely to have that space for just that sort of gathering.

I promised to share some pictures so I am finally getting to it. The weather was perfect that day and it had rained during the night. Doesn't that sound lovely-rain during the night.

The gardens were looking OK that day but really the roses were done with their big spring flush and the daylilies had not yet begun to bloom. I always have a week or two of little color at that point it seems.
A friend bought this bench last year and I was so jealous that I had to have one. I just love it especially with the bog sage blooming close to it.

I love to have little seating areas around the yard for resting when I am hot and tired especially.
The vegetable garden got it's fair share of attention. It is the most rewarding garden I have always offering up some yummy vegetable. This week it's cucumber and tomatoes.

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