Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rugs and Relaxation

This is the third year for me to work on this hooked flag rug. Normally I am anxious to finish any rug I start but this one is special. It's just fun to hook on it for a week or two before July 4th and then I don't mind putting it away until next year. It's a flag from Thomas Jefferson's era and I just love it. I'm striving to make it look a bit antique.

Also in the works is this rather large flower rug. It has an awful lot of background which is a bit slow going. 

 My favorite colors these days in rugs are purple and orange. This is the first leaf I have ever done that I actually like. Maybe there is hope. I can't wait to finish this rug so I can see how it turns out.
Hope everyone has a fun and safe Holiday!


  1. Oh, that flower rug is simply glorious and I love that you take the flag project out just for a bit each year. Hope you had a happy 4th!



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