Friday, December 20, 2013

Yummy Yarn

Hopping from project to project means that little headway occurs on anything but it is so fun to work on whatever project strikes my fancy at the time. I tend to work on the Sweetie scarf in the Madelinetosh Well Water Blue yarn whenever I am in a group of people. It is so easy that I can actually do it without thinking about the simple pattern.

I have to spend some time practicing on the Juliana crochet wrap. My sister, friend and niece are also doing this project and since I'm learning and they all know how to crochet I figure I will be the last to finish. I have to tear out and redo quite a bit as I go. It certainly doesn't feel natural yet.
Last night I had to start on this one ball of yarn cowl project. It is chunky Madelinetosh yarn called Antique Lace on size 13 needles. It called for size 11 but I don't seem to have any which really surprises me since I have so many needles.  I'd like to finish it in time for cold weather this week.
All these colors and yarns are fabulous and fun to work with. Thank goodness the yarn shop is closed for the holidays so I won't be inclined to start anything new for a couple of weeks.
I hope all of you have wonderful holidays and find some quiet time to relax and complete a project or two.

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  1. Love all your choices of colors and projects. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!



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