Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gardening Inspiration

Now that the gardens are full of lovely flowers I have a smile on my face.
 What an amazing spring we are having after a hard and long winter. The plants are happy with warm days and cool nights. In fact I think the rose blooms are larger than ever this spring.

The climbing rose on the arbor going into my vegetable garden was cut back later than it should have been. Normally mid to late February is the best time to prune and it was mid-March when it was cut. Obviously the late pruning did not inhibit it from flowering well.
The flowers have me inspired to hook a new rug with Echinacea in it. I am committed to using up the piles of wool already cut in my plastic tubs. It will take several rugs to accomplish the task but I can't fit any more tubs in my closet so I must condense. With that in mind I am trying to be creative with just those colors. It's fun sometimes to put constraints on myself to see what can happen.


  1. I love how your garden flowers inspire your rugs!

  2. This rug maybe one of my favorites!!! Let me know if you want to sell it! It's gorgeous!!



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