Monday, July 28, 2014

Nova Scotia a Step Back in Time

It was a trip 10 months in the making and turned out to be a wonderful time. The call to Nova Scotia was color workshops on knitting and rug hooking. The area itself and Deanne Fitzpatrick's studio were all the color inspiration we needed. The houses are mostly wood and painted all sorts of colors. The area is lovely, not crowded and built up and the people were very friendly.
 Deanne's shop was so delightful. What a pleasure it was to visit with her and to gaze at her lovely rugs. Talk about getting you in the mood to hook. There was yarn and colorful wool everywhere.
We spent time sitting in the knitting part of the store several afternoons. It was so relaxing and of course we were tempted by the gorgeous yarns. We now have a few projects to do. Her staff was so gracious and nice. Everyone made our time there special.

 Prince Edward Island is very pretty. There are lots of potato fields, and of course it is surrounded by sea.
The Hosta were totally gigantic and amazing. I got a kick out of that.

I immediately started to work on this rug when I got home. It is a pattern by Deanne called Skirts and Shoes. I think it looks like happy girls out having fun on a summer day.

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  1. love. love. love the Skirts and Shoes!! I can't wait to see yours in real life! The color in Deanne's studio are a delight to the eye!! Good inspiration, too. Loved hearing about this adventure the other day. Stepping outside the norm is a catalyst for good things. blessings ~ tanna



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