Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hand Dyed Wool

What an exciting day I had playing in the dye pots. I started with colors perfect for fall pumpkins and sunflowers. I quickly realized another order for purple dyes is in my near future. I was not as good at the process as my friend Laura is and in fact I was quite nervous at the beginning. But for my first go at it all by myself, it went pretty good. I can't wait until I have time next week to play again.


  1. They look wonderful! Perfect fall colors, can't wait to see them turn into pumpkins!!

  2. For your first time dyeing I think you did a fantastic job! Those will look SO nice when they're hooked up - if you can ever bear to cut into them! LOL Good job!

  3. Is there ANY thing you don't do Sharon? You rock. The wool looks great :-)

  4. Beautiful, beautiful fall shades, Sharon!!! =) blessings ~ tanna



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