Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hooking Along

I found this picture online of a gorgeous vase of blue flowers.The colors in the painting are colors I love and I am using them to hook my diamond rug. The artist is Tuman Zhumabaev and I think his art is wonderful.

This project is such fun and I am enjoying the result. I am going to add more of the lavender pink next.

 I did complete the pumpkin stack and made it into a pillow for fall. I must admit I never tire of hooking pumpkins.

Wool dying is an addictive thing. It is so interesting to see what you can come up with. I love the bright saturated colors but realized the need for some lighter shades too. Every time I look at a new color I think of a new rug to hook. My, my the addiction just grows!!!!!


  1. I love the way you found inspiration for a rug design from the colors in a painting - wonderful!

  2. Makes me happy to see "happy addictions"!! Your colors are BEAUTIFUL!!



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