Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Projects

Azzurro Luna Studio 

Rug Hooking, Hand Dyed Wool, Patterns and Kits

I must admit gardening is a bit rough these days. We've had a breeze which is nice and the temps are not yet in the upper 90's but getting mighty close. I am amazed that July is marching on and most of us have barely run our sprinkler systems yet. I'm afraid this weekend will change that.

I appreciate the opportunity to  spend more time indoors working on fun projects. Our crochet group is working on a bag now. It is a pattern off Attic 24,  a really fun place to get inspired.
I have a basket full of cotton and have just 3 colors on the bottom of my bag so far. I am not sure which colors I will use, just playing as I go.

I finished a little rug called Vegetable patch and started the Pumpkin Patch.
I already feel the need to get some fall rugs done. 
I won't even show you the shawl in progress and the knit vest and the fingerless mitts. I love to begin new projects I'm afraid. I'll share if I get some completed. Hope your enjoying your summer!


  1. I've had "start-itis" lately myself, Sharon! ha! LOVE your rugs. Absolutely fabulous. blessings ~ tanna



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