Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Beauty of Roses

       Rose bushes are such marvelous garden plants as long as they are disease resistent. It always amazes me how easy they are to grow and how long they live. Every spring I plant a few more. My husband was plagued by them for years because I always seemed to plant them too close to the edge of the garden. They would catch his clothes as he passed by with the mower. He threatened to remove (that's a nice way to say it) every one,  many times. I finally have them situated where he doesn't notice them.
 I am so bad about forgetting their names.                            
 Its the colors and fragrances that grab my
attention and although I have all the tags in a pile
somewhere, I never can find them. It just doesn't
matter to me except when I want another one like
it and have to research, then guess at the variety.
That's when a complete garden journal would come
 in handy.

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