Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daylight Savings

This Tulip Magnolia is right outside my office at work. It is the most spectacular of any I have ever seen. It's been in the ground 15 years but I lost the name of it. The flowers are huge and wonderfully fragrant.

I love daylight savings because when I got home tonight, I had some light left to walk around and see what is happening.
The flowering crabapple is in bloom and has a nice mild fragrance. It's getting quite large.
Sophie was out on my walk with me.

 River Birch trees have an interesting peeling bark. They love being planted in the moist ground around my house.
I visited the veggie garden and the potatoes are up and the leeks are starting to bloom. Half the time I don't even harvest the leeks,  just enjoy their fabulous white flowers. In Texas most of the really showy Alliums won't grow because it is too hot so I substitute leeks for the giant flowered ones.

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