Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gardening Excitement

I am one excited girl. Today is my one day off this week and I planned nothing else for my day but gardening. It rarely happens that way with all of life's other obligations but on this spectacular day I am hoping to garden like a fool. What a joy to be outside looking at all the foliage unfurling. It seems like the perennials are coming up really fast this spring.
Spring is always a fun and busy time at work and for years I didn't bother to plant spring blooming shrubs or trees because I wasn't home to look at them. But of course little by little I have added a couple of redbuds and plenty of daffodils and a gorgeous purple tulip magnolia. I have white spiraea and Lady Banksia roses and azaleas etc, etc. Nearly all the pictures I have of these plants are at dusk or right before the sun is completely up as I heading to work or coming home. But they make me smile so I am glad to have them included in my landscape.

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