Monday, May 30, 2011

More on the Family Visit

My sister lives in upper state New York where they are just beginning to plant onions and potatoes. The first morning of her visit we were out in my vegetable garden gathering what we could for our breakfast. She was absolutely amazed that we could pick onions and potatoes now. We gathered green beans and bell peppers and the first of my tomatoes. It's still too chilly where she lives for tomatoes. I can hardly imagine that!
She really enjoyed all the fresh foods. Mary shared her beets with us and we had a delicious fresh blackberry, strawberry pie. We grew the blackberries in the garden at work. 

Two of her boys fell in love with my beagle Henry. He's about seven and not used to children but was amazingly tolerant of being drug by his collar and pushed from behind. When he was tired of it he would just refuse to walk and stood like a statue. It was rather entertaining.

We big girls got some crafting in working on rug hooking projects.  Judith crocheted a purse to wear with a dress my sister had  specifically made her for a wedding they were attending last weekend. That was fun time spent together while the boys played around the pond with the wildlife.

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