Monday, July 4, 2011


The hardest part of summer for me is keeping the momentum going in the heat. Every day in the upper 90's or 100 and no rain is hard on the mind and body. I go crazy in the spring planting and potting wonderful plants and I know after all that effort and expense I must not let them die in the summer. However for instance, yesterday when I was out watering I had to wonder why. Nothing looked particularly good to me. Today as I again was starting to water my container plants I thought they might look nicer with a little fertilizer to green them up a bit.

It's amazing how just making that little bit of effort today made me feel inspired. I knew I was making the plants happier and that soon they would look lush and green. That made me feel happier too. Just a bit of extra effort suddenly felt worth so much. It's all about tricking yourself into making that daily routine rewarding.

All is good with gardening today. We'll see what inspiration can occur the rest of the week.

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