Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Slowly Moves On

I have to say right about now I think I've had just about all the sun and heat I could ever want. We are at about 28 days officially over 100 so far. But lets face it, we are a long way away from the end of this summer.
This is the time of year that sets the real gardeners apart from the fair weather gardeners.
Real gardeners just can't let go and let it die. We must persist. I sometimes wish I could just go inside and knit in the air conditioning but I can't. I have labored for years on these gardens and love having pots and plants everywhere so I will pay the price. I will water and water and water.
 The plants are really stressed but I just know that when this weather breaks they are going to be fabulous again. So I am going to hold on to hope and hang in there.

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