Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enjoying Fresh Foods

Harvesting vegetables in the midst of this drought and heat has been very rewarding. I got my first yellow squash today. One of the plants died yesterday though, so the harvest may not last long. The cucumber plants are now covered in aphids. The plants are at the end of their run.
The okra and peppers are still quite happy. I am getting anxious for lettuce and spinach to go in the ground. I usually plant a few plants and sow some seed. Cool weather is on the way they say.
I saw these big pretty peaches at the store today and could not resist.

I had a ball of frozen tart dough that I thawed. It's the recipe in Blue Moon's summer cookbook and I think it's delicious. A bit sweet, baked with fresh fruit, yummy.
The dough is easy to roll, although I am not the best at making a pretty crust. I get impatient. I just thinly slice the fruit and stack it in the center of the crust. The peaches were sweet, but I added a sprinkle of sugar. 

Each piece of the finished tart just needed to be served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. My husband and nephew enjoyed it with me for dessert tonight.

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