Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rughooking Class

I spent the month of February taking an on line rug hooking course with Deanne Fitzpatrick. It's been a really good course with lots of design ideas and some great inspiration. I'd like to cast aside the rest of my life chores right now and hook non-stop for weeks because of all the rugs I'd like to create. I took it because I though February would be the usual cold, rainy month and it would help the winter go by faster. That couldn't be farther from the truth this year. But when summer arrives and the heat drives me in there will be time to create then.
The weather has been fabulous and spring is coming quick. I'm equally excited to get back in the swing of gardening. The long hot summer and fall took it out of me and I haven't done alot yet. I am beginning to feel like planting. Finally! There are quite a few holes in my gardens and I am editing out some of the plants that haven't impressed me. Life is too short for less than gorgeous in my opinion.
One of  my favorite Tulip Magnolias is blooming this week. Look quick because the spring bloomers fade fast.

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