Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Signs of Spring

Isn't spring great? Everyday something new is blooming and leaves are sprouting quickly on all the trees. It seems like everything is growing fast this year. The weather warmed up after a mild winter so we are definately ahead of schedule in the gardens.
 It's pouring outside right now and I just love it. After all that dryness in the drought I will never again complain about rain. Think how happy the trees that made it are.

The crabapple tree is always so cheerful looking and the Lady Banksia rose on the arbor is just about to pop.

 I am feeling the pull finally to plant new plants. I wasn't sure if I would ever get past the heat of last summer but am feeling renewed once again. It's exciting. New plants are coming in daily now at the nursery and I am trying to decide what to add to my gardens. Like everyone else I want tough plants, most of them permanent. It's still a thrill when perennials return each spring.

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