Monday, March 19, 2012

The Yard Tour

Once spring starts, the nursery is really busy and all my energy is spent working on it. Every evening I plan to at least look at my gardens. Often by the time I get home, it doesn't happen because I am too tired. Tonight I scraped together a bit of strength and took a tour. The lady banksia got whacked hard in the fall but it hasn't slowed down the blooming a bit. That thing gets out of control fast but it looks nice piled up on the arbor.
I've been working spring nursery rushes for over 30 years and for a long time I refused to plant spring flowering plants. It seemed like a waste when I was never there to enjoy it. However fleeting the spring flowers are there is just nothing fresher looking than the early color. As time went on, I added azaleas, daffodils, magnolias, redbuds, crabapple, deutzia, spiraea, itea, leucojems, veronica and verbena and more. It forces me to take a tour so I won't miss anything.  

Laura Bush Petunias are quite amazing. They reseed like crazy!
In fact, pretty soon they make take over the onion patch.

This is my first edible cabbage. Not a huge crop but kinda cute. It gives me a thrill.
                                                          As always, spring has rejuvinated me and the optimism of a gardener has returned. I want to plant. In fact I need to plant. It makes me happy. I don't have any idea what summer will bring but in the meantime I am going to garden like there's no tomorrow. I'll spend the week gathering plants so when my day off arrives, I'll be ready. Oh I can't wait.

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