Friday, March 23, 2012

A Perfect Day!

Azalea Trails officially began in Tyler Texas this week. If you've never seen it, you really are missing something beautiful. Dogwoods, azaleas, tulips, Japanese maples, phlox and thrift, Lady Banksia roses and more are in full color all over town. My personal favorite azaleas are the big white ones callled G.G.Gerbing. I never, ever trim the ones in my garden. I just love the loose, blousey look they have when they are natural.
I am completely smitten this year with these tall Indian hawthorn. It's their third spring and they are now 6 feet tall or more. Fabulous looking plants with large flower clusters.
The vegetable garden got tended to today. Completely weeded and mulched. The brocolli was done so now that it is gone there is room for tomatoes. The rain this week sure made everthing grow!!!

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