Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Yarn Excursion

 It began at 6:30 Friday morning. The car is packed.

By the time we reached the hotel in Dallas late in the afternoon, we'd been to Farmersville, McKinney and Plano yarn shopping. Did we have specific projects in mind? Surely you jest! Sharon needed yarn for one shawl and I really needed nothing, but that didn't slow us down.
By the time we reached home we had lots of overflow into the back seat. Can you see my pretty mint colored yarn peaking out of the blue bag? It's for a sweater.
Central Market called us to it, so we did some grocery shopping too before leaving town.

I was really attracted to these brighly colored yarns and hope to make a shawl someday with them. It was a fun two days and now we both have lots of yarns to play with. We agreed that we have to have some projects completed before the next big splurge.

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