Monday, June 25, 2012

A Happy Rug

Hooking rugs is such fun. Playing with all the different colors of wool and yarn is quite entertaining. This is a Deanne Fitzpatrick design called Cabbage Garden. I wanted to hook it the first time I saw it. I love the sheep and the cabbage.
I was in a rughooking class last week at Rose Path Weaving in Lindale. It's a tiny shop full of yarn and space for classes. Laura with Beehive Rugs taught the class and it was so inspiring. Laura has an amazing sense of color and has been hooking rugs for years. She gives you great tips as you hook and I always do a better job if I hook in her classes. Thank you Laura for helping me finish up this rug. Now it's time to decide what type of finished edge it will have. Sometimes I just turn the edge in and sew it down without any flare. We'll see.
The next rug is a cabbage rose. Tomorrow I will lay out the wool and decide what color scheme it will have.

1 comment:

  1. The rug turned out gorgeous!! What a happy rug to look at, you will have to hang it somewhere very special! Great job.



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