Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This plant is growing in my vegetable garden and has been for two years. I think it is lovage which I vaguely remember planting. I really couldn't identify it until it bloomed. It has enjoyed its spot in the garden, which by the way is not the right spot.
At 5 feet high, in the front of the box, it is shading my poor tomatoes. I had no idea it would get that big. Plus, it has spread to be more than one plant so I imagine some of it will have to go. That's unfortunate because it's very attractive.

Does anyone know what to do with lovage? I read that it tastes a bit like celery (although not related) and can be used fresh in salads. The root is like a vegetable. I guess I need to get brave and give it a try.
In the meantime, the huge flower clusters are attracting all sorts of insects that seem to be enjoying the blooms.

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