Monday, July 23, 2012

Camping in New York

My sister lives an hour south of Montreal and invited me on a camping trip with her husband and four of her younger children. Her version of camping is quite comfortable I must say.

The view from the campsite was very nice with the ships passing through the locks. The weather was perfect, 70-72 degrees during the day and cool enough for a campfire at night. I find the campfire concept funny. Not only are we too hot in Texas during the summer but often in a burn ban so no S'Mores for us here!
We had fried dough one afternoon. Sounded weird to me but rolled in cinnamon sugar, it was tasty.

The whole family came for a barbeque one evening. It was wonderful to see everyone. There were no fire ants, mosquitoes or snakes to worry about. I found that refreshing.

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