Friday, December 14, 2012

Springerle Cookie Making

Yesterday was a wild and crazy day making cookies. Two years ago, Amy and I started collecting the wooden molds for stamping the cookies.  My grandmother actually made these cookies when I was young but I never got involved in the process.

We had 10 month old Grant helping us. He was covered in flour before the day was over.
 I forgot to take a picture of our entire mold collection but we now have about a dozen designs. You can see the leftover bits of dough in these. I need a soft brush to get it out but they are very easy to use as long as you flour in between each press.

We made the cookies in Mary's kitchen because she has so much counter space.They had to dry for 24 hours before baking so we hauled them home to bake today.

My favorite is the medieval spinner. It is a giant one though.

Amy is decorating her cookies with food paints and some sparking dust. Cute! I personally don't have the energy for that.  I'm afraid mine will be plain.


  1. These are beautiful, Sharon! I have ONE of these molds... haven't used it in years!

  2. Gorgeous! Must start a cookie mold collection, now.



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