Sunday, July 14, 2013

Amazing Weather

Wow the weather today is incredible. It was 77 degrees on my way home from work at 5:30. Unheard of temperatures in our Texas climate. Honestly at 10:00 at night it is normally 90. It has been raining a bit this evening and that is another equally amazing thing for July. Sometimes I try to imagine that we have a climate shift going on and we are now going to have Seattle weather. I know it's quite the dream and I probably would hate it if it were too rainy and cloudy. But it has been odd since spring around here,
The plants are really happier than normal. I have daylilies still putting on a few flowers and the colors of all the flowers in the garden are more vivid than most summers. I realize this will be short lived and I'll soon be whining about the heat but in the meantime it is lovely.


  1. Love your black eyed susans and the cooler temps!

  2. Oh, we are reveling in the coolness!! ;) blessings ~ tanna



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