Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Fabric Dying Episode

Tana and I had two great days of fabric dying this week. I shared what I learned from my last experience and we had fun.

We came up with 26 colors. I whined that it wasn't enough but really it was plenty. Notice how tidy our table looks. The first day was quite warm (low 90's) but Tana's yard has lots of trees so we had plenty of shade. The trees also provide a place to hang clothes line. 

We mimicked the last sink setup with this old sink and a water hose with nozzle. It worked really well. The major problem we had was the humidity. It was so humid nothing dried during the day.

Day two, by mid-morning it was pouring. We couldn't believe it even though rain was in the  forecast. If you've lived in Texas any length of time you know it just never actually rains in the summer no matter what they forecast. Well there you have it with our crazy weather this year. Pouring! Tana was making sure everything that needed to be out of the rain was staying dry.

Here is our table after the rained stopped. What a mess! We just embraced it and continued to be sloppy the rest of the day.

We dyed t-shirts, onesies (spelling?), lots of fabric and  scarves in silk and bamboo. Tana did some wax and multiple dying but that is for her to share. Her fabric is quite nice. We're both ready to do it again soon.


  1. This looks so fun! A summer color splash day! It all just looks so freeing. Ahhh...

  2. The vibrant colors make the backyard a tropical paradise! This looks like so much fun. I hope I can join you next time.



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