Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flower Power

Early in the year I decided I would hook flowers for awhile.  

It is naturally my favorite subject. I'm a bit stuck on orange and purple though. They are fabulous colors and my favorites for the garden with lots of white to brighten it up.
This Summer Garden rug was pretty big so my next project is just 12x14. It will be fast fun.
 What a joy to hook rugs. It's so relaxing and such a fun use of color.


  1. Every time I see these beautiful rug hooking projects you ladies create I want to try doing it myself but, alas, my list of things to try is long. I must try to be content with admiring your lovely work, at least for now. This one has me drooling... XO, Janice

  2. Love the rug, it turned out great. I always enjoy what you are creating! Hoping you are making a pumpkin soon!

  3. This piece is even MORE STUNNING to see in person, Sharon. Beautiful job. blessings ~ tanna

  4. You seem to be leaping along with these rugs. Each one you do has more WOW and this one is no exception. Wonderful to behold.



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