Tuesday, September 3, 2013


 Zinnias make a summer garden for me. So easy and colorful and wonderful to cut and bring inside, I can't imagine doing without them. Every spring I buy more seed packets because the colors look so interesting. I don't need to because they self-sow each year without my help. I really prefer the tall varieties as they are so much hardier. The dwarf ones always seem to get diseased. No matter what seed I plant I end up with lots of orange. It's a good color though-very vibrant.

The Zinnias were the inspiration for my little rug. The colors were fun to play with. I will say that the crochet edge took way too long to do so I probably won't repeat that again for awhile. At least until I forget that it is time consuming to accomplish.



  1. LOVE zinnias and your rugs are ALWAYS gorgeous. blessings ~ tanna

  2. It is a wonderful rug as always!!! So happy!

  3. Zinnias are my very favorite flower :-) i am enamoured with them and your mat. Great colors!



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