Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dinner Inspiration

 As I was working through the holiday weekend I wasn't giving any thought to a festive meal. At work today Riley pointed out the mass of English peas to pick on the plants in the vegetable garden. As he began to harvest them the start of a great meal began to form in my thoughts. Yes I am spoiled I had him pick but I did shell the peas myself!
So with peas on the stove, the next move was to grub out some new potatoes from the garden at home. A little chives and a few carrots round out the harvest.
Tomorrow nights meal will be juicy hamburgers, potato salad, peas and the beets I pulled and cooked last night. Yummy! I will look forward to that all day.
It is very exciting to grow food. I am really not great at it but it's a learn as you go process and I totally enjoy it.

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  1. Beautiful photos Sharon! I love it that you are growing your own food. Everything sounds so tasty.



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