Monday, February 23, 2015

Shawl Complete

It seemed as though spring was right around the corner. But then we had the winter event today. Sleet and ice and cold temps swooped into Texas and spring went on hold.

Of course a day spent "stuck at home" is not all bad. Actually not bad at all. It's perfect for relaxing, cooking a pot of soup, baking a pan of my favorite chocolate brownies out of the Peach Tree cookbook. It's wonderful to get extra crafting time to crochet and hook. What a marvelous treat really.

The Stephen West Color Craving shawl is finally done. Oh my what a project it was for me. Hard as can be. I do not keep up with lace knitting of any sort and all the yarns overs blew my mind.
I had so much help from Erin. Without her it never would have happened. I love it despite the myriad of mistakes. I thought it was a very interesting project and the way he created the design was fascinating. I am glad I took up the challenge but equally glad it is finished.


  1. Congratulations for finishing that challenging project!! I LOVE your colors, Sharon. Well done. When I saw that title, I thought I was going to see your beautiful green one all finished. ;) I look forward to seeing it soon. blessings ~ tanna

  2. Wow!! Congrat!! You did it, and I love the colors. That is quiet a project, you should be proud!!



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