Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rural Mail

Design by Deanne Fitzpatrick
Rural Mail
Last summer on my trip to Nova Scotia I bought this fun rug pattern from Deanne. I've been anxious to hook the mat. After seeing all the charming houses on our travels, I realized they really do paint them in an array of fabulous colors. Its so much more interesting than brick or my plain white house.
So true to Deanne's concept of "Wild with Color" there you have it. The gold house is my favorite.

The next project is Sunflower Girl. I've been inspired by the warm temperatures and want her dress to feel very summery. This is also another cheerful Deanne pattern.

 My pile of wool includes a skein of hand dyed yarn. I dyed it a few years ago with Eucalyptus leaves. I love the color and it should make pretty red hair for this happy gal. I'll keep your posted on my progress.


  1. If you get the gold house, can I live in the blue one? ;) LOVE the colors... it would be a dream to live on this street! With my yarn buddies just a step or two away.

    Love your choices for the summer lady, too. blessings ~ tanna

  2. I agree with Tanna!! What fun, I will take the red house and we can meet at the mail box every day!! What a happy rug. Love all your colors, love your sky. The next rug looks like summer. My favorite, sunflowers! Can't wait for spring and summer and sunflowers!! Love your rugs!!

  3. I'll take the orange house at the back! All ready to move in! So fun!



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