Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunny Inspiration

 Winter is a lovely time to work on projects. There is no interruption from gardening at my house because the gardens are always too wet to work in. With extra time off in the slow season there is time to get creative. I find the gloomy weather slows my progress down a bit. I guess I have a tad of the depression (seasonal depression disorder). I do know I would not be happy living in Seattle. I remember winters growing up in Massachusetts as a bit gloomy. So when the sun shines I am highly motivated and have been hot to finish all the projects I've been working on since fall.

I must admit this is an additional new project. My friend Tana is always getting me into trouble. She's a fabulous quilt maker and just loves it when I embrace quilt making. The Modern Quilt guild has a new project (the Block a Month) and it is a happy looking modern quilt design. I am actually picking just 5 squares to make into a table runner (let's face it I would never finish a whole quilt).

This is my next square design so all my fabric colors will be included in this one. I am thinking this might be my last square before the spring rush starts. At that point all projects have to go to time out for a couple of months.

This is the throw I have been enjoying crocheting in my lap on chilly days. I am on the last ball of yarn and love it. I think I will be finished this week. It's so exciting!


  1. Wow such beautiful projects. Love the quilt square! Your throw looks so yummy, it will be so fun to curl up under. Winter is a bummer, it's nice to have projects to work on.

  2. Gorgeous projects, Sharon!! And, I love. love. love. the colors you chose for your afghan!! Soooo beautiful! Hope I get to see it one of these days soon. blessings ~ tanna



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