Monday, April 25, 2011

The Wonder of Rain

It was such a delite tonight to arrive home to a rain drenched garden. Everything looked so delightfully fresh and happy. It was too early in the season for that hot and dry look we were getting. Somehow the sprinklers just don't make it feel the same as a good rain.
Last year Laura had a picture of clematis on her blog, Beehive Hooking that looked like it was more than one color of purple. It turned out to be just one kind of clematis but I was so enchanted with the picture that I thought it would be lovely to plant several together. It was late in the season and I stopped in every nursery I passed and managed to find two purple ones. They lived in their pots all year. This spring I found two more kinds. I have a large purple and lavender, a medium purple and a double purple. I am going to plant them all together and see if it turns out to be lovely. I'll get them in the ground soon but since they are really finished blooming I won't know the result until next year. I can hardly wait. Ramona is one of the ones I picked. Isn't it fabulous?

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