Monday, June 20, 2011

The Beginning of Summer

 This Pineapple lily blooms each year but has never multiplied for me. I get one spike and one flower but it is still quite exciting to see. The last two weeks have been a trial trying to keep everything happy in the extreme heat we've had. Of course lots of things aren't thrilled but the things that look good help spur me on. Watering is becoming quite the chore. I still wouldn't trade the cold winters of the north for all the wonderful flowers here. I love the long summers we have but I must admit it's hard to believe summer has just arrived.

Rudbeckia triloba is a reseeder in one of my flower beds. It gets about 4 feet tall and comes up in different spots each year so that flower bed never has quite the same look. I love it and have to wonder why I have never spread it any where else. Rudbeckia Goldstrums are blooming now too. They should be in everyone's garden because they are very tough.

I feel like the Maiden grass is blooming very early this year. It looks great so I am really enjoying it.

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