Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Fun

 This little gem is a Coreopsis called Limerock Dream. I needed a little filler in one of my beds and it turned out to be the perfect color to have with my peachy daylilies. This past week at work the phlox and echinacea
all looked so good along with the lythrum and salvias. I couldn't resist getting some. I went two weeks without planting anything because I was just too hot. I must be acclimating because I am on a roll again. I have to have some new lantana too. Even though it is so hot and dry now I think my gardens look good. I love being outside so much of the year.

I picked tomatoes in my garden and Mary's since she is on vacation. Then Kendel brought me more. I am going to make hot sauce tonight and can it up for later.
 I canned fig preserves last night. I bought a fig tree in Louisiana years ago and it produces three crops of
 figs a season. I am determined not to let any go to
 waste this year. It makes great Christmas presents.

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  1. Wow I hope my tomatoes look as nice as yours!

    Happy Gardening,
    -Kristina K.

    Farm Wife



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