Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thinking About Gardening

With the temperatures this hot all I am doing is watering and thinking about weeding. It's not really bad but a new crop of oak trees has just sprouted up. I have to pull them right after the sprinklers run or the ground is too dry to get them up.
My bog garden is actually my biggest challenge. Of course I don't want the boggy weeds that grow naturally for one reason or another so I am creating a bog garden with what I like, while eliminating what I don't. There are several problems with this particular garden.
1. It is really soggy in the winter but not too moist in the summer.
2. When it rains hard the water flows over it like a river headed to the pond.
    It takes all the mulch with it so mulching is out.
3. The natural weeds out there germinate by the millions. Just kidding, but alot come up so no mulch and lots of weeding.
I am hoping since this is the third year for the garden that I will finally get enough coverage from the plants to help. Luckily I can't see the weeds from afar so the garden appears to look good when up close it's a bit of a mess.

I love the Switch Grass for its blue color and look at the flower buds on the Hibiscus. it's going to be spectacular. 

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