Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gorgeous January day

It was an amazing day, 70 degrees and sunny. Texas is such a fun place to live because the weather is constantly different. So far it's a bit too mild this winter but great for being out and about. Everyone in the world seemed to be out today, some in their shorts.
Jim and I went for a walk with a couple of our dogs. Emma and Bailey love getting out of the yard. Emma even took a swim today in the pond, so she was feeing pretty warm.

The dandelions were blooming. I also notice the tansy in my garden has several flower stalks. Tansy usually only blooms in summer. How bizarre!
On a warm sunny day everything in the greenhouse seems so happy. The trays of succulents are rooting and this weather is perfect for them. I've been playing in the greenhouse when I have extra time repotting and cleaning. Soil makes for a continuous mess.

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