Saturday, May 25, 2013

My lovely four day holiday was devoted to gardening.
Day one After the 2 1/2 inch rain, the gardens were so wet that I spent most of my time on pots and cleaning up the greenhouse. A majority of the conatiners are filled with evergreen shrubs or groundcovers. Some needed fresh soil added. I love for most of the pots to look good year-round.
A bit of color here and there is nice though. This big blue pot greets me as I walk in and out everyday. The Silver plectranthus always looks good when it's hot.
This clay pot houses Vertigo grass, angelonia euphorbia and scaevola. It should look great all summer.
Days 2, 3 and 4 The biggest chore was pruning the shrubs. My dear husband and his new trimmer went after the way too many boxwoods planted in our yard. In fact he found shrubs I never knew exixted. The Wax Myrtle benefited from his enthusiam also. In fact today I begged him to stop trimming because I was completelty worn out hauling away the debris..
It was very nice to have all that work accomlished. Now there is just mulching and a "normal" amount of weeding. Things I can accomplish bit by bit.


  1. It looks fabulous!! Love your pots and the patio. What a nice greeting when you come home every evening.

  2. I amazed at how much you get done! Beatiful.



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