Sunday, May 26, 2013

This time of year there is always something new happening when you have perennial beds. The roses are getting past their prime but the daylilies are beginning to shine. They are such easy plants to grow
and very rewarding as they multiply each year making more and more flowers.
Coneflowers in all varieties seem to love my gardens. This is the one called Rudbeckia maxima that you see along Texas highways in the bar ditches. It's about five feet tall. I bought it at the nursery years ago because I am hesitant to dig things up. I know it's against the rules and don't want to get into chiggers or fire ants.

The walking iris came out of the greenhouse where it spent the winter. I don't think it would be hardy here outside. If it multiplies I may try a piece.

This Blue gloryThunbergia vine has returned for a number of years now. I love it because it is small growing. Most vines in our climate are outragious and hard to control but this one is perfect on a small trellis or obelisk. It's just about 10 inches out of the ground but starting to bloom. What a fun time of year!


  1. This is like a nice bicycle ride through the seasons. Ahhh...

  2. Love your coneflower I have always wanted that one!

  3. Oh, I'm lovin' all these beauties!! And, I love your header sunflower!! blessings ~ tanna



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