Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Goal is Reached

It's good for me to set goals especially with the onset of summer making the temperatures rise. By June I feel the majority of the sping planting needs to start wrapping up. It definately takes more effort to keep everything watered and happy in the heat. Every plant I bought so far is finally in the ground. I have a few more spaces that need a touch of something so I'm on the lookout for the perfect plants.
Mulch is down on most of the beds. I piled pine needles in the walkway because it doesn't wash away when it rains as badly as bark mulch. It feels so good to be this caught up. 

In fact now that the lawn is filled in, the yard looks nice. Can't wait for more of the perennials to come into bloom.

I love this Buddleia call 'Butterfly Heaven' and the Verbena bonariensis has seeded everywhere in the vegetable garden.
Now that I am so up to date in the garden I am knitting a summer wrap. My friends talked me into using cotton yarn and an easy pattern and it is so fun.


  1. I love your style Sharon! A feast for the heart and soul :-)

  2. The garden looks wonderful and I love your shawl!



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