Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Spell is Broken

Ahh, I sigh in relief after the amazing amount of rain we had on Friday. A whole day of rain and then on Saturday the sun shone and it was 80 degrees. How refreshed we all were -plants, pets and people. The nursery was busy and it felt good to be inspired and ready to garden again. Once the heat of summer spell is broken, I can embrace fall with all my energy.

I love Texas and long summers with an endless growing season. But and it is a big but, the heat is relentless. It wears me down after awhile  and I always fall down on gardening at some point in August. If I've been diligent up to then, the lull is fine. Catch up doesn't take that long. In fact tonight I made some great headway. Snipping the spent flowers on phlox and rudbeckia and pulling up the little oak trees that recently sprouted gave the beds a much tidier appearance. It always feels good to get back to gardening.

In fact, it's always a pleasure to work my way around the beds to see what everything is doing.


  1. A surge of energy rides in on that northern breeze, doesn't it? =) blessings ~ tanna

  2. There is something about the cooler air that makes me want to get back in the yard. Thank goodness for cool fronts and rain.

  3. Yes! I love how the rain makes it so much easier to pull those weeds I've been ignoring.

  4. I'm fairly sure I heard my flower beds whimpering your name!



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