Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pretty Blankets

The baby blanket is finished and it was really fun to do. With spring and the busy season just around the corner I knew I needed to make it pretty small to get it finished. It measures about 30 x 30 inches.
With the bits of left over yarn I hope to make some baby hats this summer.
 Last summer crochet Granny Squares started to fascinate me. I'm not sure why because in the past I thought they were sooo very tacky. I think now the colors available in yarns are so wonderful that it makes them a lot more interesting to me. This lovely blanket has been on Pinterest for quite awhile now and I keep looking at it. I think it is gorgeous. Now that my baby blanket is finished, I  am going to make my own version of it.

My selection of Madelinetosh sock yarn is yummy. This hand dyed Superwash Merino is so nice and soft. I need about 60 small Granny Squares (I think) for a lap throw and then some big ones. With luck maybe I can finish before next winter arrives.

 So far 5 squares done. Not sure yet about the colors. I'm playing while I learn to do the squares.


  1. Oh my gosh it's looking wonderful, can't wait to see it in person!! Congrats on the baby blanket, that's going to be a very lucky baby. It turned out so nice. Love your new endeavor!!!

  2. Crochet LOVE has bitten us all. I'm absolutely with you about thinking they were a bit tacky before... I've decide it WAS the yarn. ;) Oh, the depths that our addictions take us! LOVE your creations! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Those Granny Squares are wonderful! I love the blanket too. What a great way to experience all the different stitches and end up with something so very pretty!

  4. I just can't stop thinking about that woobie!



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