Sunday, March 2, 2014

Family Fun!

I am still thinking about the wonderful time I spent this past week with my nephew and his family. They live in upper state New York. We had one full day together and even though the day was just in the 50's we all enjoyed being outside in the afternoon. Of course to them it feels warm compared to the 0 degrees they returned to today.

The rest of the time the girls and I spent crocheting together. That was a lot of fun. In fact I meant to take pictures but got so caught up in the process I forgot. Rose and Elizabeth caught on quickly and Violet was able to master single crochet. Sarah the 6 year old had fun making chains to braid. We just enjoyed our brief time together. I already miss them!


  1. That sounds like so much fun. Being with family is so wonderful!! What sweet girls.

  2. What a beautiful five-some! I know all of you had such a wonderful time! Know those grandparents enjoyed seeing them tool



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