Monday, March 3, 2014

It was lovely but sleet and ice are not a good thing in Texas. We are ill prepared to deal with it for sure. Sunday afternoon we spent time removing sleet from the greenhouses so they would not cave in and it is hard work. Luckily it did not built up after that and all our baby plants are in good shape.
But the bonus was- Monday at home. The thaw did not happen since the temps stayed so low so we got a surprise day off.

I spent my time working on the 6 inch square for my blanket. I never could find a pattern I liked. Instead I just mimicked the one in the original blanket picture until I was happy with the result. As I went along, I wrote down directions so it can be repeated easily for a bunch more squares.

 I so love the chocolate color of the yarn and the bits of black in it. I feel like I have at least a good start on the project now even on the little squares. So it was a day of crochet and making soup and enjoying the company of my husband and dogs.


  1. Oh yes, the chocolate yarn is really going to set off all those pretty colors just right. You did a great job on the square pattern too.

  2. Looks like the larger square will be good company for those little squares. What is the color name of that yarn? Is it Twig? Just wondering...



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