Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gardening Angels

The gardening angels from Wilhite Landscaping came to my gardens the other day. I knew the shrubs grew well last year but I didn't realize how overgrown they were. My driveway beds were created about 15 years ago so the shrubs are quite mature. The vines are twining into the trees and the Lady Banksia rose on the arbor is huge.

Now that I am closing in on 60 ( well 58 is close-right?) I find it a challenge getting up on the ladder. It is just wonderful to have that energetic group of men come and in one day do all that chopping and hauling that would take me weeks.

Now I feel I can tackle the rest fairly easily. Weeding, a little planting, lots of mulching, fixing up pretty pots. Oh I can hardly wait!!!


  1. Yes I am also knocking on the door of 60--good to know when to call for help. Looking forward to swing and digging in the dirt

  2. Yes, I'd say they were angels indeed! I'm going to have some overgrown business to address myself... I may take your queue. ;) blessings ~ tanna



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