Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Citrus Mania

What is it about citrus that makes us fall in love with the plants? Is it the wonderfully heady aroma or just the novelty of growing our own fruit? Whatever it is, it is definitely exciting.
In fact this plant in my greenhouse is a grapefruit. I don't even care much for grapefruit but after watching them mature on the plants at work last fall I could not resist owning one of my own.

 I have 3 Myers lemons ( I must admit my favorite to use in cooking) and one thornless lime. They did very well this winter. We heat the greenhouse with a little kerosene heater on occasion when it is really cold just to keep it above freezing in there. I'm thinking now I need an orange to round out the collection.

 The kalanchoe and aloe bloom nicely in late winter. It's fun to look out and see a little color. Geraniums provide color some years for me.

The succulents I grow for the nursery are starting to fill out. It's just such an exciting time of the year.

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