Sunday, December 21, 2014

It seems the holidays are changing for me a bit as I get older. I was always about tradition and and doing each year exactly like I had done in previous years. I filled my days decorating, using all my ornaments, cooking and baking ALL the different foods we enjoyed, racing around trying to find the perfect gifts. For some reason this year, I want to do it differently. I have shopped and baked but not as feverishly. I decorated but didn't use many of my ornaments. I kept it simple.

I found the time to knit hats for all my friends at Blue Moon Gardens. There is such pleasure in knitting for people you know. As you knit you tend to think of that person. It makes it special. 

 I spent time rug hooking and visiting with family and friends.

 I'll admit it feels odd. Any change in the normal routine always does. But for me it has been relaxing.
I even found time to clean out the kitchen cabinets, not a usual December chore. 
I look forward to Christmas this week. I hope everyone has a safe and merry holiday!


  1. As always your rugs are beautiful. I'm impressed by your hats. It is interesting how our routines change but it is always fun. Have a great Christmas!!!

  2. I agree with you - whenever I make a handmade gift for someone I think about them nearly the whole time I'm working on it - I think that adds love to the mix. Your hats are lovely and warm looking and the hooked rugs are delightful!

  3. I think you found a wonderful way to celebrate and enjoy Christmas, Sharon!! There IS something very special knitting a gift for someone you care about. Happy New Year!!! Look forward to seeing you soon I hope! blessings ~ tanna

  4. I just love the hats, your bright colorful rugs and cookies from your last post. You rock Sharon! You are the Patron Saint of all hand-made things! Can't believe how much you accomplish and how beautiful everything is. Happy New Year!



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